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所有注册或者portal或者Canvas有问题的, 都需要通过portal的talk to us联系对应的部门去解决, 包括enrolment信息不对, 包括学费没到账, 包括专业不对, 包括选修课没有, 等所有的, 都要去portal里面talk to us解决。 学校承诺加速流程。 但是, 处理都要时间, 所以大家一定要去及时解决!

enrolment完成之后才是预注册成功。 Canvas所有信息都显示正确了才能上课。 最晚注册日期10月16日 (开学第一周不记录考勤)。有问题抓紧去portal里面去解决, 不停的问!

这是目前学校给的唯一解决办法, 另外因为现在时间已经很紧张了, 非常不建议大家用portal之外的付款方式。 portal学费收到时间以学校核账更新系统为准, 所以大家一定注意时间!

以上信息只针对9月入读主课的同学。 1月入读主课的同学请不要催CAS, 催了现在也不出, 1月主课的CAS将在11月前后出 。


Advice for international students

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you to study with us here at Hull. We understand that circumstances surrounding COVID-19 may have raised some additional questions or challenges for you, and we wanted to advise you of some key pieces of information and contact points for help and support.

Enrolment and arrival

• You can find important and detailed information on arrival and settling in on

• You must enrol online before 16 October 2020. When you arrive in the UK (and have completed a period of self-isolation) you will need to visit the campus to complete your enrolment.

• You should arrive as soon as you can in September and October if your programme begins in September 2020. We are aware that there may be some delays to your arrival because of flight availability or visa application delays. We will support you online in your own country until such time as you get the required visa and flights.

• You will be able to start your programme online in your own country only in the following circumstances:

-- lack of flight availability

-- visa problems

-- COVID-19 measures restricting travel from or in your country.

• Please contact to tell us when you will be arriving, so that we can support you academically until you arrive in Hull.

• If you have not yet applied for a visa, you will need to do so as you have all of the necessary documentation ready for your application.

• Please note that you should arrive on campus in January only if your programme begins in January.

• You will be guaranteed accommodation on campus as long as you apply by 13 October.

• To arrange to be picked up from the airport (London Heathrow, London Gatwick,Birmingham, Manchester, Humberside and Leeds Bradford), please fill in the form :


Self-isolation on arrival

• You will need to self-isolate for two weeks when you arrive in Hull, unless you are from a country identified as exempt by the UK Government. Please note, this guidance is subject to change, so please keep up-to-date with the latest advice.

-- If you have booked University accommodation it will be free of charge during the two weeks of self-isolation.

-- If you are living on campus, you will be provided with a support package during the self-isolate period, including a daily provision of breakfast, lunch and evening meal;bed linen (where needed); and our Student Life team will provide online activities and additional pastoral care.

--If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact us at – we are here to help

不管你之前联系了谁, 给谁发了, 谁给你回复了, 都必须重新按照文件要求操作一遍, 非常重要!涉及到学籍和签证,请一定要尽快操作!


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