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2015 UoH/CSC博士奖学金-PhD研究课题清单及导师联系方式




Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Research Direction: Digital Media

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1.        Memory, digital curation and archives: Exploring the intersection between human and digital memory in archives, museums, community settings and the arts


Research Direction: Drama, Music and Screen

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1.        Czech and Slovak Scenography for Shakespeare 1830 -2015

2.        Representing Musical Creativity

3.        Horror in the Moving Image


Research Direction: English

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1.        Narratives of Age and Ageing

2.        Northern Writers and their creative energies c 1350-1660: How understandings of the environment- past and present- are shaped by literary production and reception

3.        Shakespearean Transformations: Remembrance and Afterlives

4.        Speaking Sea: a creative writing poetry project exploring marine sciences and the politics of marine conservation


Research Direction: History


1.        The Relationship between Conflict and Slavery

2.        Native American Slaveholding and Biracial Alliance Amongst Native American Indian and African Americans 1500-Present

3.        Trees in Indigenous America in Historical and Biological Context

4.         Towards the risk society? Cross-cultural encounters and the diffusion of scientific systems of insurance and risk management since 1800


Research Direction: Languages, Linguistics and Cultures

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1.        Translation of Meaning and Images Across Hispanic Cultures

2.        Love and writing the queer self in Germany and beyond

3.         21st-Century Engagements


Research Direction: Law

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1.        Restorative Justice and Human Trafficking: In the Context of European Union and the Middle East

2.        Digital Rights

3.        Sovereignty/Governance of Offshore Renewable Energy


Research Direction: Politics, Philosophy and International Studies

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1.        Civil Society and European Union Environmental and Energy Governance

2.        Is there a future for welfare capitalism in the 21st Century? The United Kingdom and the United States in comparative perspective

3.        Parliament and Public Engagement


Research Direction: Social Science


1.        Human Rights and Social Science

2.        Econometric Analysis of Contemporary Slavery

3.        Slavery and Religion

4.        Criminology, Health and Security   

5.         Gender, Health and Social Determinates of Wellbeing   

6.        Movement, Power and Identity in a Globalised World   

7.        Religion, Spiritualities and Contemporary Culture   


Faculty of Education

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1.        The Role of Education in Supporting the Eradication of Slavery

2.        Freedom to Learn: autonomy and freedom in alternative tertiary education

3.        Investigating the beliefs and attitudes of teacher educators and their digital practices with mobile technologies in an international partnership

4.        Mobile and Augmented Realities: Learning Across the University Federation of Colleges

5.        New forms of internationalisation: exploring conceptualisations of internationalisation in China and South East Asia


Hull University Business School

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Research Direction: Accounting


1.         Environmental and Ethical Considerations:  Enhancement of Social Capital Enhanced Trust Pathways Underlying Environmental considerations

2.         Modelling Social Responsibility and its effect on the environment

3.        Economics

4.        Economic growth, development and international trade

5.        Sustainable economic growth


Research Direction: Finance


1.        Emerging Markets Banking and Finance

2.        Empirical modelling of the stability of Financial Systems


Research Direction: Leadership and Organisational Change


1.        Leadership for compassionate care

2.        Exploring young people’s perceptions of and aspirations for leadership: A comparative study of socio-economical contexts


Research Direction: Logistics


1.        Sustainable Trade and Logistics

2.        Massively Connected Supply Chains


Research Direction: Marketing


1.        The role of brands, labels, and nutrition facts in snack buying decisions: the perspectives of young adults

2.        Ageing and the family: shifting roles and identities for family carers and implications for healthcare resource allocation


Research Direction: Critical Perspectives on Management


1.        Workplace Exploitation and Forced Labour

2.        Alternative organizing and social justice


Research Direction: Strategic Management


1.        The role of Business Schools in the strategic development of local and regional economies

2.        The Regulatory and Policy implications of Public Private Partnerships in the delivery of infrastructure


Research Direction: Centre for Systems Studies


1.        Sustainable Supply Chains in Developing Countries: Is it Possible? A Case Study of India

2.        Complex Project Management


Faculty of Health & Social Care

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1.        Enhancing skin health in older people in residential care settings: Are tailored, theory based interventions for health care staff effective in improving skin health in older people in residential care settings?

2.        Developing interventions to mediate feeding difficulty for older people with dementia

3.        Loneliness and isolation in later life


Faculty of Science and Engineering

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Research Direction: Biological Sciences


1.        Unravelling the biology underpinning the cancer stem cell population in oesophageal adenocarcinoma-impliactions for radiotherapy resistance and tumour progression

2.        Can a microfluidic device be used to help understand and personalise treatment for thyroid carcinoma patients?

3.        Modelling tumour microenvironment-induced metastasis using a ‘spheroid-in-a-chip’ microfluidic platform

4.        ‘Smart’ Redox Active Imaging Probes as Potential Cancer Imaging Agents

5.        Untangling molecular food webs to investigate the impact of invasive predators on whole communities and ecosystem services (Food and Environment DTC)

6.        Discovering and monitoring endangered Triops canciformis populations in ephemeral ponds (Food and Environment DTC)

7.        Building resilient ecosystems: a network theory approach (Food and Enviroment DTC)

8.        Rapid biodiversity monitoring of freshwater ponds using environmental DNA. Developing state-of-the-art tools to inform wetland management (Food and Environment DTC)

9.        The Oddity effect: applying principles from human psychology to an ecological question


Research Direction:  Psychology


1.        Selective declarative memory consolidation during sleep

2.        Multisensory Training the approximate number syst to improve maths achievement in children


Research Direction:  Sports Science


1.        The effects of whole body periodic acceleration on biomechanical and biochemical proteins in patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy: A randomised control trial

2.        The effects of exercise and nutritional preconditioning strategies to improve cardiovascular fitness, strength, health and well-being prior to surgical interventions in colorectal cancer

3.        Using smartphone technology to monitor bone health


Research Direction: Geography


1.        Technology trials in agricultural science: producing and contesting techniques and knowledges in the field (Food and Environment DTC)

2.        Maid, wife and widow: women’s life-course and property ownership, 1550-1800

3.        The city, mobility, and sustainability: Assessing university bike hubs for low-carbon mobility

4.        Image and identity in Hull: writing a city of culture from the past to present

5.        Provenane of the Danube Loess

6.        Simulating Martian Landscape Evolution

7.        Can microfossils tell us how sands are deposited in the deep ocean?


Research Direction: Chemistry


1.        New strategies for the generation of new chiral biologically active libraries based on privileged structures

2.        A lab-on-a-chip platform for the quantitative study of radiotracers in small animals

3.        New Homogenous & Heterogenous Catalysts for Plastic (Incl. Biodegradable) Production

4.        Design, preparation, investigation and supply of new thermovoltaic self-assembling materials

5.        Novel Nanomaterials and processes for hydrogen storage

6.        Low fat emulsions stabilised by crystals formed in situ from surfactant molecules

7.        The intriguing shapes of the 4d and 5d transition metal halides


Research Direction: Computer Science


1.        Predicting quality of visual experience: from local distortion visibility to overall experience


Research Direction: Engineering


2.        Dynamic Modelling, System Identification and control of power plant and carbon capture

3.        Converting palm oil waste to useful products


Research Direction: Physics & Mathematics


1.        Regression with Interval Data

2.        Active nanoscale control of light matter interactions using chemical rulers for cancer diagnostics

3.        Novel plasmonic materials and device configurations for photcatalysis

4.        Single-electron quantum devices

5.        GPGPU paradigm for big data physics simulation applications

6.        A new molecular building block methodology for spintronic devices


Hull-York Medical School


1.        Defining the role of CD36 in mediating platelet activation by the malaria-causing parasite, Plasmodium falciparum

2.        Platelet specific theranostic drug delivery agents

3.        The use of geriatric assessment methodology to guide treatment outcomes in cancer patients

4.        Tackling health inequalities: can the public sector make a difference?

5.        Regulation of skeletal muscle stem cell activity by nuclear hormone receptors: implications for skeletal muscle regeneration

6.        The CD36 interactome: understanding CD36-specific protein interactions in vascular cells

7.        How does metformin work?

8.        Acute fluctuations of hyperlipidaemia in patients with type 2 diabetes: effect of exercise and identification of novel biomarkers for cardiovascular risk

9.        Body donations for medical science: identifying good practice in the interactions between Medical School Anatomy Unit staff and families

10.    Investigating the impact of maternal pathophysiology on early embryo development

11.    Can exercise restore fertility and embryo health during IVF treatment?



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