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Hull York Medical School

Hull York Medical School


The Hull York Medical School (HYMS) is a joint medical school of University of Hull and University of York in England. There are six research centres in the school. The Centre for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Research (CCMR) is the largest Centre based in the campus of University of Hull and brings scientists and clinicians together to tackle cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. The Centre has core facilities for basic and translational medical research in the campus of Hull University (Allam Medical Research Building, Hardy Building and Wolfson Building) and clinical research facilities in two local teaching hospitals (Castle Hill Hospital and Hull Royal Infirmary).

Research themes

Our basic and clinical scientists have a wide range of research interests and expertise that are grouped into three major research themes: Cardiovascular biology and medicine; Diabetes and metabolic health; and Haemostasis & thrombosis.

CSC-Hull PhD scholarship

Hull York Medical School offers research projects for the Chinese Scholarship Council-Hull scheme from research groups based at the University of Hull campus. The following research topics are available. For general enquiries about possible projects please contact Dr Xu ( to discuss your research interests.


1 Molecular studies of platelet function

Professor Khalid Naseem and colleagues (Dr Simon Calaminus, Dr Monica Arman, Dr Francisco Rivero) have a range of PhD projects in the general area of platelet biology. This group has a strong track record of publications and grant support in molecular signalling mechanisms in platelets, and are also exploring new and emerging areas of platelet biology including the role of platelets in inflammation and infection. They have good collaborative links with clinical colleagues in cardiovascular disease, cardiology, diabetes and haemostasis. Contact

2 Metabolic studies in reproductive biology and regeneration

Dr Roger Sturmey and Dr Antonios Matsakas have PhD projects into factors influencing fertilisation and early embryo development, and regeneration of muscle from stem cells, with a particular emphasis on metabolic function. They work with both experimental systems and human tissue. Contact or

3 Ion channels and their pharmacological control in cardiovascular disease and diabetes

Dr Sam Xu has PhD projects to study novel calcium channels in the development of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, with a particular focus on TRP channels (Nature 2008, 451, 69-72) and the store operated channels ORAI/STIM (J Mol Med 2015; 93:511-21). A particular interest is testing these and other potential molecular targets as the basis for new drug development. Ongoing projects include Ca2+ signalling and oxidative stress; molecular aspect of cardiovascular risk factors; development of new channel blockers; cell signalling in proliferation and apoptosis; and pathogenesis of diabetic complications and prevention; obesity. Contact

For further information on research degree programmes at Hull York Medical School please see

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